Monday, September 10, 2012

Turkey says it will buy 2 more F-35s

More good news for the F-35 on the international front as Turkey has said it will buy an additional 2 F-35s.
Turkey is expected to use funds from its Defense Industry Support Fund to purchase a second pair of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Lightening jets to be delivered in 2016, says a Turkish procurement official. The first pair is set for delivery in 2015.

Turkey will likely order a second pair of the jointly-made, next-generation, stealth fighter F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Lightning II aircraft, as it did earlier this year following the production of the first two, a senior procurement official said over the weekend.
They are the first 4 of many to come:
Turkey is expected to eventually buy around 100 F-35s, although the figure may rise up to 120.
And, interestingly:
Despite its huge price tag, the F-35 is considered to be a cheaper option than its contemporary solutions.


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