Wednesday, February 27, 2013

F-35: A comprehensive comparative look at the F-35

I found this while perusing the web and was impressed by the thoroughness and completeness of the analysis. The author addresses a multitude of topics in his review.  This is written addressing Canadian concerns about the F-35, but they are concerns you see thrown around all the time by others concerning the F-35.    A snippet of the purpose of his article:
The source of many of these assertions of poor performance from the F-35 can generally be traced back to Dr. Dr Carlo Kopp of Air power Australia. Kopp claims that the F-35 is inferior to almost all modern 4.5 generation fighters. He vehemently disapproves of his country's decision to purchase the F-35 and pushes the Australian government to keep requesting the American F-22A. In his reports he says that the F-35 isn't stealthy enough to penetrate Chinese airspace, not maneuverable enough to win a dogfight, and doesn't carry enough ordinance to make it an effective air superiority fighter. Too be honest, Dr. Carlo Kopp is too biased. 
From there, the author skillfully and completely disassemble's Kopp's arguments.

Definitely recommended reading.


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