Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sequestration hits Lockheed, but not F-35

Interesting.  It appears sequestration has had a negative effect on Lockheed Martin overall:
The defense giant said the sequester will reduce 2013 revenue by $400 million-$450 million, slightly more than half of what it initially estimated.
Aeronautics unit sales fell 2% to $3.62 billion on fewer aircraft deliveries of its F-16 and F-22 jets. But F-35 sales are growing as Pentagon orders ramp up, and Lockheed expects sales to climb 15% in 2014.

Executives were also upbeat about a Pentagon review of the troubled fighter program and were confident defense officials would OK further increases in production. 
Given the declining costs thru LRIP 7, the passing of the 10,000 hour milestone,  resolution on the helmet and the uptick in orders from allies, I'd say they're probably right.


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  1. Yes it's true that Lockheed martin is in serious sequestration, as F-35 had escaped that but what about the projects were planned to developed in future which involves huge budget about 1billion$ like SR-72? Here are details of this SR-72.