Tuesday, December 24, 2013

F-35: New sortie record

Lockheed Martin public affairs has put out a press release with the following:
The joint-program reached a new single-day record for F-35 sorties Dec. 4 with 45 training missions between all three models of the aircraft. The Marine B- model completed 32 of the flights, the Air Force A-model had 10 flights and the Navy C-model flew three missions.
As you recall, the critics were telling us how unreliable they believed the F-35 would be and it would never be able to accomplish meaningful sortie rates.  It was "too complicated" and would be a "hanger queen".  Especially the "B" model.

So far, it's not working out that way at all, is it?



  1. This is a really impressive record

    FY2014 budget

    F-35A $223.2M each
    F-35B $313.8M each
    F-35C $441.1M each

  2. This ho-hum so-what news was first published by the Air Force on Dec 5.

    LM moves as fast on the "news" as they do on the way-behind JSF development. For example, in Aug 2011 they found that the F-35C tailhook couldn't grab a wire and just now, 28 months later, they have managed to reshape the hook point and adjust the system’s hold-down damper. Perhaps the C will see the sea this coming year! We'll see.

    The planes must do more than just fly (although "sortie" sounds better) within restricted envelopes. The FY2013 DOT&E report should be out in a few weeks, so we'll see what professional testers have to say, as opposed to press flacks.