Friday, April 12, 2013

F-35 emerges as a "winner" in the latest budget announcements

That is, at least, according to Politico's "Morning Defense" which said this yesterday while speaking of Lockheed Martin in general:
The company's flagship F-35 Lightning II was a clear early winner in the administration's spending plan, which requests 29 aircraft and does not resort to the postponements or "probation" the Pentagon has previously tried with the controversial program. 
That's good news for the program because it keeps production moving, will build on the efficiencies it has already amassed and, as it continues, mean less costly aircraft.

Of course, the program isn't 'controversial' to the warfighters who will benefit from it's advanced capabilities.  It is only 'controversial' to the media, which should come as no real surprise.  The reason the Pentagon didn't "resort" to "postponements or 'probation'" was because there is no reason to do so.



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