Thursday, April 25, 2013

More F-35Bs headed to MCAS Yuma

The first operational F-35 squadron in the world will be receiving more aircraft in the coming months:
Marine Corps Air Station Yuma's F-35 program seems to be moving forward after a brief stall.

A spokesperson with Lockheed Martin, the Texas based manufacturer of the fighter jet, says the company is scheduled to deliver at least one F-35 a month to MCAS Yuma for the rest of the year. Shipping had stalled due to a government issued precautionary suspension.

MCAS Yuma is home to the world's first operational F-35 squadron and currently houses four F-35's. 
Just a small note on a local media outlet that won't likely get much play but indicates that the program continues to go forward.  MCAS Yuma will be receiving, as noted, an F-35B a month for the rest of the year.


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