Thursday, July 11, 2013

F-35: Raytheon wins next generation jamming system award

Loren Thompson reports in Forbes:
The future of electronic combat came into focus on Monday, and it looks like Raytheon will be leading the way. The Massachusetts-based technology company won a very tough competition to develop the defense department’s next airborne jamming system, defeating two other world-class teams. If Raytheon performs as expected, it will dominate the arcane world of electronic warfare for decades to come, generating many billions of dollars in revenues.
In case you wondered: 
Jammers are tunable, high-power transmitters that deny adversaries use of the electromagnetic spectrum so that friendly forces can operate without having to worry about hostile radars or communications networks. The Next Generation Jammer that Raytheon will develop was conceived to replace a Vietnam-era family of jamming pods carried on the Navy’s new EA-18G Growler. 
Why is that important? Because the Raytheon jammer, will likely also be used on the F-35.  And that will make the Growler - a single mission 4th gen plus aircraft - obsolete, won't it?



  1. Sorry to be late to wake you up

  2. Well, it looks like someone hit a nerve...

    I hate to break it to you Rhino, but what Graff says is correct. The NGJ will be implemented on the F-35, which makes the Growler even less useful -- and your tendency to spam this site with irrelevant you tube links makes no difference about that fact.

  3. Sure, one day they will put the New Jammers in the F-35, the DAS will work in dogfigh, the Aim-9X will be carried internally tne F-35 will do urgent CAS with bombs, rockets and bullets and it will cost be $65 million.

    In the mean time, untill Canadian goverment decide what to do the CF/A-18 will still flying for the next 15 years and Australians will be flying obseletes Growlers....hahaha

    1. No, the F-35 will not be equipped with the DAS "one day." It will not be able to carry the AIM-9X internally "one day." It will not carry the NGJ "one day." It will come equipped with the DAS and internally carried AIM-9X right when it enters service, and it will carry the NGJ starting in 2022, right after the jammer itself finishes development and enters service. Your amazing ability to spam me with dead You Tube links changes nothing about that.

      It's interesting to watch you sputter, though. What seems to occur is that you race between multiple (sometimes contradictory) "arguments" (which are more along the lines of fanboy logic, illogical comparisons, and straight bullshit than they are actual debate arguments), hoping to somehow kludge together a pile of inaccuracies that will defend your cherished viewpoint -- that the Super Hornet is an ultimate uber plane that is completely perfect and has no equal anywhere in the world.

      You do this because it's the sole reason you post your filth on this site. You desperately want your opinion to be correct, and you can't bear the thought of a paradigm you've believed so long being *false*. Because of this, you selectively read others' comments to twist them into being in favor of the Super Hornet, you make statements that are complete bullshit, you compare two systems in completely illogical ways, and you use amazing fanboy expectations and fanboy logic about abilities that only exist in your fanboy mind. You attempt to pile all of these features into a "statement", which is more like a random jumbling of misspelled words, idiotic statements ("hahahahaha"), and emoticons than it is like a well-structured response, all in the desperate hope that your horseshit will stand up against logic and facts, so that you will be spared from having your precious beliefs disproven. You could not possibly actually read about weapons systems in an unbiased manner, or actually use logic or facts in your arguments -- after all, that would disprove your beliefs, which would be a very inconvenient event (for you, at least). You go on, blustering your bullshit and plugging your ears so you don't hear well-reasoned arguments as to why you are wrong, just so you can go on believing what you want to believe. That's the entire reason why you post here, after all -- in the desperate hope that your cherished opinions will be proven correct.

      It's quite sad, really. I almost pity you.

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