Wednesday, July 3, 2013

F-35: Sustained turn performance on par with F-16?

You probably remember that sustained performance standards for the F-35 were one of the latest targets of critics.  SMSgt Mac over at the Elements of Power blog has done a masterful 4 part series on why the critics have it wrong.

His conclusion:
Depending on amount of fuel carried by each aircraft, the F-35A is capable of sustained turn performance on a par with the F-16A. Assuming the F-16A is still the ‘best’ in a sustained turn that there’s ever been at 15K feet and M.8, then that means the F-35A is capable of holding its own against all comers in a sustained turn when flown properly in competent hands. 
Now I'll warn you, the series is very technical.  SMSgt Mac backs his conclusion with facts and figures you're likely not to see anywhere else (especially among critics).  I recommend you review the whole series.  My guess is, in the end, you too will agree with his conclusion.


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