Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dutch Labor Party okays purchase of 37 F-35s

In more good news for the F-35 program, the Dutch, who had been seen by some as possibly backing out of the F-35 program, have the okay to purchase 37:
The Labour Party said it supports the government’s decision to purchase 37 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters (JSF), Nos television reports Wednesday.

“We give the green light” to the government, Labour MP Eijsink said.
That's the approval the Dutch government was seeking to move ahead with the purchase.

The train keeps rollin' ...



  1. An air force that once had 213 F-16s now will have 37 fighter jets...consider that Portugal(the poorest of NATO countries) as 40 F-16s....

    1. The Dutch don't want to pay for a big AF anymore.

      They would not be able to pay for 213 F-16s today, their military budget is too small.

  2. Netherlands has ordered two F-35s and has no plans to order more in the near future. Perhaps in 2015.