Monday, November 25, 2013

Navy video about the F-35

Here's an interesting video.  It's the first video I've seen of the Navy actually endorsing and talking positively about the F-35.  If you look closely, up in the right corner, you'll see the Navy YouTube subscription logo pop in eventually.

The name of the vid?

"Inside F-35 Country: Tip of the Spear for the future of Naval Aviation"

In other words, this is their "all in" video.  It should remove any doubt some may have of their commitment to the F-35.



  1. I think China's rise as a strategic competitor not just economically but militarily has gotten the Navy's mind right. F-18 won't be much good against a foe with standoff SAM's or dogfighting gen 5 PLAAF jets.
    Its either F-35's from the decks, or the decks stay home.

  2. I've seen the future and it's land-based carrier planes, the tip of the spear.

  3. Looks like they are begging for pilots to support the program - not a ringing endorsement.