Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dutch order F-35

The order was announced Tuesday:
The Netherlands plans to buy 37 F-35 joint strike fighter planes from Lockheed Martin, the European country announced on Tuesday.

The Dutch government will use the planes, which are made at Lockheed's facility in Fort Worth, to replace their aging F-16 fleet which they expect to phase out by 2023.
Reason?  The Dutch understand the capabilities, both present and future, the decision brings to them:

Read more here:
The F-35 is a well-considered choice for a high-tech, future-oriented air force. From a military operational perspective, the F-35 offers the greatest number of options. It is also the most future-proof option. The aircraft is best able to deal with the proliferation of mobile air defence systems and offers vastly improved observation capabilities, which are of great value in any type of mission. In addition, the aircraft offers great potential for follow-on development, particularly in the area of network-enabled operations. Also important are the possibilities for international cooperation in areas such as training, sustainment and deployment. NATO’s analyses underpin the Netherlands’ decision. 
Future proof.  Follow on development.  Network-enabled operations.  Enhanced possibilities for international cooperation in various areas.

The Dutch also retained the option of ordering more if the price kept coming down and their budget constraints are lifted.  They become the 7th nation to order the F-35.



  1. Belgium is also currently evaluating procurement of the F-35. That decision won't be made until sometime next year at the earliest though.

  2. "but...but... DEATH SPIRAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    It all you will hear from some sectors of the Internet.

    If only the Dutch had bought loads of Gripens that won't even exist until 2021......

  3. I never fail to be amused when a certain someone points to everything being evidence of a death spiral.