Thursday, September 12, 2013

Forecast: F-35 will likely fare well even in times of tight budgets

An interesting forecast in light of budget constraints everywhere:
Market research and analysis firm Forecast International said the downturn will primarily affect Western-built aircraft, but some segments of military aircraft production are anticipated to grow as Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighter and Airbus Military's A400M transport/tanker enter full production.

"According to FI's Platinum 2.0 Forecast System, about 11,940 military aircraft, worth an estimated $480 billion, will roll off production lines during the 2013-2022 period," the company said. "Yearly production will peak at 1,367 units in 2014, drop to a low of 1,095 in 2018, and then rise slightly to 1,122 by 2020 before tapering off for the remainder of the period. 
"Rotorcraft will account for 52 percent of all units produced during the 2013-2022 timeframe, with fixed-wing aircraft accounting for the remaining 48 percent.

"However, in terms of value of production, the more expensive fixed-wing group will outpace the rotorcraft segment by a wide margin over the 10-year timeframe: 72 percent to 28 percent.
Note too the final sentence forecasting for the next 10 years.  Of course that's when, as mentioned in the article, fixed wing aircraft like the F-35 will be in full production.


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  1. Hello again Mr. Graff. If you want to see some comedy, head over to SituationNoramlAll F*ckedUp blog and see someone spew bile at the F-35.

    It's rather amusing to see him try and say the plane is just about to be canceled.