Monday, September 30, 2013

F-35: LRIP 7 contract signed

Finalized last week, the contract for LRIP 7, which includes jets for Italy and Norway, was signed:
The Pentagon awarded Lockheed Martin a $3.4 billion contract for 35 F-35 joint strike fighters, a contract that includes the first aircraft orders for Italy and Norway.

The deal is the DoD’s seventh production order for the stealth jets, which have experienced numerous issues throughout their development.

Four jets are for the US Navy, six for the Marine Corps and 19 for the Air Force. Italy’s first three and Norway’s first two conventional F-35A jets are part of the deal, which also includes one short-takeoff and vertical-landing F-35B model for the UK.
So, the program continues apace.   And, as we've been noting, there may soon be an order from South Korea.


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